Gussied Up

by Jillian on February 9, 2013 · 16 comments

Well, Nemo came and went. Joe got home early from work last night so we ordered pizza and polished off a bottle of wine. It was nice to have him home early on a Friday night, but I felt bad because I still fell asleep super early. I’m usually exhausted from the work week, so […]


Crooked Nail

by Jillian on January 24, 2013 · 6 comments

Wow! Getting up at 4:45 is really starting to get to me. I’m tired by 6pm! Anyway, let’s recap last night’s dinner before I tell you about bootcamp this morning. Last Night’s Dinner It came together pretty quickly, which is exactly what I had planned. Fast and easy! I cooked 1/4 cup brown rice and sautéed a […]


A Balanced Weekend

by Jillian on January 21, 2013 · 5 comments

I had a great weekend in that one day was devoted to productiveness and the other to fun! A perfect balance. Don’t you love that? After the whole cable fiasco Saturday, I went to the grocery store to get the rest of the necessities for my weekly food prep. Before getting started on cooking, I […]


Goodbye Christmas

by Jillian on January 6, 2013 · 10 comments

After spending the afternoon yesterday with my girlfriends having lunch and target shopping for a friends baby shower registry (and of course perusing the store for other unnecessary items), it was time to get productive. I went to the grocery store, got a mani-pedi, and came home to conquer operation goodbye Christmas. Not before making dinner though. […]


Favorite Toy, Destroyed

by Jillian on January 4, 2013 · 6 comments

I almost snoozed too many times to workout this morning, but luckily I woke up with enough time to get a killer leg workout in. It’s been a while since I’ve lifted my legs hard, so I know I am going to feel those squats, dead lifts, lunges, and calf raises this weekend! Yep, still […]