Favorite Toy, Destroyed

by Jillian on January 4, 2013 · 6 comments

I almost snoozed too many times to workout this morning, but luckily I woke up with enough time to get a killer leg workout in. It’s been a while since I’ve lifted my legs hard, so I know I am going to feel those squats, dead lifts, lunges, and calf raises this weekend!

Yep, still loving my HRM!


Something was brought to my attention today that really annoyed me. I won’t post about it publicly (don’t worry, it’s nothing life changing), but it just irritated me and I let it ruin part of my day. As I mentioned in this post, I am trying to be more positive everyday and take things with a grain of salt. I don’t want to add extra stress into my life over something that is not serious, so I finally cooled down and brushed it off. Some things just are what they are, and you have to let it pass.

Good thing that I am lucky and get to come home to this face every day greeting me at the door.


I’ve fallen in love with this animal in the last month that he’s been here. I can’t believe how much he makes me laugh and smile! But today, the first thing I saw when I walked into the bedroom was his favorite toy, destroyed.


He must have chewed the last couple things left on the string. Originally it had a bell, furry ball, and a few ribbons, some of which I found near the site of attack. Despite the fact that he probably doesn’t even remember that it was him who chewed it apart, he’s very obviously bummed about the situation. Looks like I’ll be running out for a new one tomorrow!

Next spotting? Dried puke under the dining room table (excuse the crappy iPhone pic). I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet how Gus just randomly pukes all. the. time. We thought it was because he was nervous, then we thought maybe he was sick, or he cleaned himself to much. Nope, he just pukes.


God knows where else I am going to find this stuff.


Dinner was pretty quick and simple. I was starving when I got home so the quickest thing I had to make was eggs and a microwaved sweet potato with Chobani and sriracha.



That’s it – off to fold laundry and make myself a little something sweet! Yea, wild Friday night over here. I am excited for tomorrow though. I’m grabbing lunch with two friends and they’re coming to meet Gus!

  • How do you handle stress in situations that you can’t control?

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1 Rebecca January 4, 2013 at 8:48 pm

My cat does the same exact thing! My family and I think she eats too fast.


2 Jillian January 4, 2013 at 8:49 pm

Hmm! That could definitely be it!


3 Marilyn January 4, 2013 at 9:16 pm

Sorry about Gus’s toy.


4 Sam @ Better With Sprinkles January 4, 2013 at 9:47 pm

My parents’ dog does the same thing with all her toys…they literally last her about a week.


5 Chels R. January 7, 2013 at 4:58 pm

Ways to handle stress…prayer and running for me seem to do the trick! I am loving sweet potatoes lately, and butternut squash!!


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