Two Problems Fixed

by Jillian on July 21, 2012 · 6 comments

Well, it seems that all I needed to do was click “yes” to the little update for Windows (I run Windows on my Mac through Parallels so I can have Windows Live Writer) and my WLW runs 10x faster than before! I usually click “later” because I am always trying to do something important when it prompts me. Oh well, one problems fixed.

Problem number two?


The dishwasher.

This morning I slept in pretty late while Joe headed to the gym. I worked for 14 hours yesterday so I was exhausted. I woke up when he got home and enjoyed my pre-run toast with almond butter and banana while he had his post gym shake. Somehow the dishwasher came up in conversation. A while ago, I mentioned how it broke and I’ve been putting off getting it fixed. Well, Joe felt like being superman this morning and ripped the thing out of it’s place and started attempting to fix it.

See all of those towels? It was like something out of a movie. The water line started spewing scalding hot water everywhere. It wasn’t just coming out of the line, the whole thing was moving like a snake. There was water on the darn ceiling!

Anyway, somehow Joe found the problem. There was a pinched line which was preventing the electricity from running to the dishwasher. My hero came to the rescue. Winking smile

It’s all fixed now, but for some reason the water valve is hooked up to both the sink and the dishwasher, so the water pressure on the sink is about half of what it was before. Ugh, I guess we’ll attempt to fix that in another 6 months.


After all of that shenanigans, I headed out for my run. I was scheduled for 5 miles today on the training plan and to be honest, I was pretty sure it was going to suck. I had lifted my legs hard on Thursday, had a serious case of DOMS, and worked on feet for 14 hours yesterday. It seemed like a recipe for disaster. Lucky me for, it turned out to be a pretty awesome run. I’m sure all of you that run know that these are few and far between, where you feel like you could keep running forever!


My splits were:

  • Mile 1 – 9:28
  • Mile 2 – 8:57
  • Mile 3 – 8:55
  • Mile 4 – 8:57
  • Mile 5 – 8:49

The weather was on my side and I also made it a point to not look at my Garmin so much. I just went with whatever pace felt comfortable.

As soon as I walked in the door I made breakfast.


I ate the other half of the banana from this morning with peanut butter, scrambled eggs and cottage cheese with sriracha and nutritional yeast, and sautéed tomatoes and zucchini with balsamic, olive oil, and parmesan cheese. The veggies were right from Joe’s uncle’s back yard. Talk about local!

I have work again tonight so I have to go finish up a few things before heading out. I hope you are all enjoying the weekend so far!

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1 Marilyn July 21, 2012 at 1:36 pm

I admire your stamina after working such a long shift yesterday and still getting a good run in today. Good for Joe!!! Didn’t know he was a handyman on top of everything else! I told you to get a repairman months ago to check it out. Lucky you to home homegrown veggies.


2 Katie @ Talk Less, Say More July 21, 2012 at 2:43 pm

There must be something in the air today because I too had an awesome run! I planned to do my usual 2.5 – 3 miles and ended up running 4 while still feeling like I could do more. LOVE a good run!


3 Lisa July 22, 2012 at 12:27 am

Yikes what a busy day of work and stuff. Glad you got your workout in though! I probably would have been lazy about it. Your breakfast is so random, I love it.


4 Sam @ Better With Sprinkles July 22, 2012 at 6:22 pm

14 hour day? Wow, that’s pretty intense. Especially getting in a 5 miler the next day – good for you!


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