Layered Lunch

by Jillian on February 15, 2012 · 5 comments

I am sort of enjoying the slight break I have this week. For some reason, there is no new IIN online module this week, so I have more time to work and study for PT. I got home after midnight last night because Valentine’s Day made for a long dinner shift. It’s fine with me. I made money and I have today off so I got to sleep in.

Joe didn’t need to be in until 1:00pm today, so we were in no rush. We made it to the gym around 10:00am and I was feeling a long run. Well, long for me is probably a normal run for some people, but I’ve been lacking in that department lately. I used to run 7 miles at a clip like it was nothing, but I have been focusing a lot on HIIT and other forms of cardio besides the treadmill.

After a 20 minute warm-up which included some abs, foam rolling, stretching, and dynamic warm-up moves, I was ready to run. I started out at 6.0 and increased my speed by .5 every 5 minutes until I reached 7.0. I hit 6 miles around the 55 minute mark. It felt great to push myself again. I can’t wait until the weather breaks so I can run outside and use the Garmin Forerunner I got before Christmas. It’s patiently waiting! And I am a huge baby for not running in the cold.


I’m skipping breakfast for two reasons: It’s the same smoothie bowl I’ve had a million times and I was too hungry to stop and take pictures. So that’s that. I worked for a few hours on some book-keeping for the restaurant before making a delicious lunch.


I had some leftover fat free refried beans from recent meals so I decided to use them up.


I toasted 2 slices of Ezekial bread (forgot how much I love it) with refried beans on top. While they were toasting, I cooked two eggs over easy.


I layered a piece of bread topped with refried beans, a piece of jalapeno pepperjack cheese, one egg, the other toast with beans, and another egg. I sprinkled paprika and some s&p.


Mmmm! I ate around the top egg until I had no choice but to let it out!


I may have to make this again tomorrow! I had a side of babybell oranges. Yes, we still have some left!


I also used my new Tervis tumber with my initial. Well, and Joe’s initial I guess.


Considering I already got him his own, he doesn’t need to use it!

Alright, back to work for a bit and then some more studying. Happy hump day!

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1 StoriesAndSweetPotatoes February 15, 2012 at 5:13 pm

Oh my gosh I totally make fried egg and refried bean sandwiches! I’ve never seen anyone else do it. They are the best!


2 Jillian February 15, 2012 at 5:35 pm

Sooo yummy! :)


3 Lauren February 15, 2012 at 8:30 pm

now i am craving eggs….runny eggs.


4 Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean February 15, 2012 at 10:54 pm

oh gosh, i just can’t get on board with refried beans. but what i CAN get on board with?! us both going to blend retreat???! i just bought my ticket tonight!


5 Jillian February 16, 2012 at 8:41 am

Yay!! I cannot wait to meet you and all the other awesome bloggers attending! :)


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