Hard-Core Ab Workout

by Jillian on November 21, 2011 · 1 comment

I feel like I have been M.I.A. Maybe because I have! Last week, I was at Joe’s restaurant opening during the week. I got home late most nights and was exhausted every morning, which led me to skip workouts. Booo! But I am so happy for him. All the hard work is over and it paid off.

Joe makes fun of the hand on the hip pose, so my friend Kristina and I made sure to do it full force in this photo.

Then, this weekend my mom came to visit. We enjoyed brunch and dinner at the friends and family events at the restaurant and then shopped most of Saturday. Sunday, we ate at a huge breakfast buffet before she made her trip back home. I wanted to take pictures and blog about the weekend, but at the same time I wanted to just enjoy it and spend the time with my mom. I hadn’t seen her since August, so I was happy to have her here. I already can’t wait to go home for Thanksgiving!


After indulging the entire weekend and missing a few workouts last week, I was ready to hit the gym this morning. I worked my abs and core, hard. <– hard. core. ? Umm, anyway…I focused on back, lower abs, obliques, and then upper abs.

  • back extensions
  • leg lifts
  • v-ups
  • russian twists w/ medicine ball
  • left side crunches
  • right side crunches
  • spread eagle sit ups w/ medicine ball
  • bicycles

I repeated each of the four sets of exercises 4 times before moving onto the next set. It took me about 30 minutes.

I was definitely warmed up and ready to run. I did some quick dynamic stretching before hopping on the treadmill and completing four miles. Done.


Guess what? I ate a banana and I didn’t die! I mentioned recently that I had to stop eating bananas because every time I did, I would get these crazy stomach pains. I ate bananas my entire life and this never happened until now. I think I was overdoing it. I ate at least one banana a day for months! I made my old time favorite protein shake: vanilla SunWarrior, frozen banana, almond milk, spinach, blackberries, and some ice. Nothing like a frozen banana to complete a smoothie!

Dinner? Please, I won’t even give it it’s own headline. This week is operation get rid of all of the food in the house before I go home for Thanksgiving and pig out on stuffing and mashed potatoes (my two favorite parts of T-giving!).

I just made some protein frosting (sunwarrior, sunflower butter, almond milk, cinnamon, stevia) to top off some brown rice cakes. I heated up frozen strawberries and sprinkled on a few cacao nibs and called it dinner. Sadness. But tasty!

I guess when dinner is at 8pm, it doesn’t really matter!

I’m so happy that Monday is over! I always have trouble with Mondays. Only 1.5 more days of work before I get a small break. Hmmm…what should I make to bring to contribute to Thanksgiving? Maybe I’ll bake some sort of sweets to serve alongside the usual apple and pumpkin pies!

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1 Kody November 30, 2011 at 5:11 pm

That ab workout sounds like a good one! I’m always looking for something tough. I just came across your blog and love it!


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