The Old Mac vs. PC Debate: Blogger Version

by Jillian on August 23, 2011 · 3 comments

So, I am in quite the dilemma. But let’s talk snacks before I get into it.

I had lemon Chobani in my fridge since last week and I have been waiting for the perfect time to enjoy it. I brought it to work with me today. What better way than with blueberries and some simply oats Love Grown granola that I picked up from Tina during the Healthy Living Summit?

Okay, back to business!

If you have been following along, I recently purchased a brand new MacBook Pro. I had an older MacBook, but it was running out of space, needed a new battery, and was just outdated. Since I started blogging in April, I have progressed and want to keep my photos organized and have an easy blogging platform. I bought the new Mac hoping that I’d get all of my photos organized in iPhoto and find a great alternative to Windows Live Writer.


MarsEdit does not cut it for me in the image editing department. However, Mac’s are great in the iTunes & iPhone sync department. So, I have contemplated returning my Mac and buying a PC. I find, in general, that PC’s are more user friendly. Especially when organizing photos. What’s wrong with good old dragging, dropping, folders, and Windows photo editor? Plug the camera in and organize easily. BAM. iPhoto seperates everything by date and just messed up my entire photo collection as soon as I imported it. Plus, it creeps me out that the actual file isn’t on your computer. It’s just the “iPhoto library” file. If I’m wrong, please inform me.

Ahh, the old Mac vs. PC debate.

Mac Pros

  • Reliable operating system
  • iTunes and iPhone syncing
  • Cool apps from the app store
  • Sleek design
  • Great customer service

Mac Cons

  • Crappy blogging platforms
  • iPhoto is not my friend, I know some people swear by it
  • Expensive

PC Pros

PC Cons

  • Supposedly easier to get a virus
  • Popups
  • Every PC laptop I’ve had has been noisy and gets hot
  • Doesn’t sync as well with the iPhone (or does it? is it the same as long as you have iTunes?)
  • Customer service is iffy

I am really confused and I only have until Friday to make up my mind because of the return policy. I already transferred everything to my new computer, but it is still on my old Mac, so I can just delete all of the files on the new one and take it back for a 10% restocking fee (which I will likely fight to get out of). Otherwise, I am stuck.

  • Are there any other pros or cons that I should consider?
  • Do you think I should return the Mac and get a PC?
  • Lastly, is it worth waiting for Windows 8?

HELP! :(

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1 Lauren August 23, 2011 at 8:51 pm

I’m a Mac lover. I had PC’s my whole life until 2 years ago and simply can’t imagine ever going back.


2 Deirdre September 3, 2011 at 10:51 am

You are brave to put it out there that you are unhappy with your Mac. Many of my friends will only express their discontent in private, like it is sacriligious to not love everything about their apple experience.

I think you listed the pro/cons well, but I’d argue with the first and last PC con. Customer service (as well as quality) depends on who you buy from (Mac service is more consistent because Apple only allows you to buy from them—PCs are built and sold by many. If you want reliablility go with Dell or a well known entity). And viruses are becoming an even bigger problem for macs.

My Dell laptop DOES get hot!

Lastly, Windows Live photo gallery (imho) is better than iphoto for several reasons but most importantly because any tagging/rating you do goes into the file’s metadata. Meaning, if you switch programs, all of that organizing work goes with you (and onto the EHD too). Lots of people have lost all their organization when restoring iphoto.


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