Healthy Living Summit – Day 3

by Jillian on August 22, 2011 · 5 comments

After a long day of presentations and eating, Shanna and I decided to hang out in the hotel room for a bit to work up an appetite. After cleaning up and blogging, we started getting antsy and decided to head out on our own and find a place for dinner. After taking a long detour around Philadelphia and checking out many menus, we finally settled on Opa.

The menu looked great. There were lighter options as well as full entrees. Since we had been eating and snacking all day, we ordered on a the lighter side. We started out with a spread of roasted pepper hummus, tzatziki, spicy feta dip, vegetables, and pita bread.

We both ordered the roasted beet salad as our entree. It had plenty of red and gold beets, almonds, and creamy goat cheese. As we were deciding on a place to eat, I had no idea what I was in the mood for, but this was exactly it!

We also enjoyed a glass of sparkling rose. It was the perfect compliment.

Shanna and I talked up a storm and realized how much we have in common. I told her that I felt like we’d known eachother for years! It’s crazy how you can connect with someone so quickly.

After a light dinner, we still had room for froyo. Duh. It was a Sweet Ending to the night. Of course, I gravitated right to the peanut butter froyo, accompanied with chocolate and strawberry froyo. I piled my cup with peanut butter cups, mochi, bananas, strawberries, brownie bites, peanut butter sauce, and a sprinkle massacre.

Shanna suggested I dump the entire rainbow sprinkle bin on top of my cup. I contemplated it, but held my composure.

I was super full after licking the cup clean on our walk back to the hotel. We got ready for bed but didn’t fall right asleep. We stayed up talking for a while since Shanna was leaving the next morning before I’d even be out of bed. She had an early flight back to San Fran. I was so lucky to have such a great roomie for HLS!

photo courtesy of Shanna

photo courtesy of Drink Chia, who made a Chia Seed cocktail for us at the Friday night cocktail party

On Sunday morning, we had the Together Counts 5K walk/run. The first half consisted of walking and taking pictures. We got a group photo at the LOVE Park.

photo courtesy of Meghann

I talked a lot with Emily while we walked. It was nice getting to know her a bit more! Our turn around point was the Rocky Steps at the Art Museum of Philadelphia.

We all ran up to the top to see the amazing view.

We ran from there back to the hotel. It felt good to get moving after all of the food I’d eaten the day before. When we got back, Quaker had an oatmeal bar waiting for us!

The toppings available were almond butter, flax, pecans, cinnamon, chocolate chips, honey, and dried fruit.

I made myself a bowl (clearly, I accidently added way too much cinnamon) with a side of fresh fruit.

After eating, everyone was walking around to say their goodbyes. I was really sad leaving and knew that I’d have withdrawal symptoms before I even got home!

running sucks big bananas, photo courtesy of Janetha

Luckily, Jamie rode back with me since she lives in NYC and we talked the entire way home which made the ride fly by! We realized how similar our feelings are on a lot of issues.

I was happy to get home and see Joe. We headed right to lunch and then, of course, to grab some sweets. We can never control ourselves at this local bakery. They have the best sprinkle cookies. They were so soft that they were falling apart. No judgements on drinking the box.

We also got a peices of chocolate mousse cake, oreo cake, a big bird cupcake, and a cookie monster cupcake. They have the most icing so obviously that’s where it’s at.

I was slightly disappointed to find that the top had squished big bird and cookie monster’s eyes were stuck to the lid.

Poor guy. I ate the cookie and did the only thing that is right. Make a sandwich out of him.

We also enjoyed our favorite pinot noir rose.

Takeaways from HLS:

  • All the bloggers I had followed prior were exactly as they are on their blog
  • I need to get on that monetizing your blog shi!t
  • The Flexitarian diet seems interesting to me, but I will never fully give up meat
  • I can now write an effective recipe
  • The name of my blog sounds indecent. I need to have a direct link to the explanation.
  • I need to use Google Reader. Seriously, what’s wrong with me?
  • I need to take a photography class and learn how to properly use my Canon Rebel XT.
  • I met some really freakin’ awesome people.
  • I need to be better at taking group shots at social events.

Check it.

photo courtesy of The Wilmington Photo Booth Co.

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1 Jennifer @ Eat With Knowledge August 22, 2011 at 4:57 pm

Hey Jillian,
It was so nice to meet you this weekend!! See I added your blog!! I’ll let you know when I start mine!


2 Jillian August 22, 2011 at 4:58 pm

Yay! Definitely! So nice meeting you!!


3 Lauren August 22, 2011 at 5:39 pm

It was SOOO great to meet you. I wished we could have hung out more but I am still just so glad we had the chance to meet. <3 you!


4 Jillian August 22, 2011 at 5:53 pm

Yes! Definitely so nice to meet! I feel like we need a tri-state post HLS meetup. We’re all wishing we had more time!


5 Shanna, like Banana August 24, 2011 at 8:57 pm

I love that drink Chia photo! So cute :) How did you find it?

And those baked goods? yeah I want them.


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