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by Jillian on August 16, 2011 · 1 comment

On my way home this weekend, I made a pitstop at Apple to purchase a new computer. My old MacBook was just obsolete and I needed a new setup for my blogging, photo organization, and music library. I was running out of space, plus my battery was blowing up (seriously, expanding).

I purchased the new 13 inch MacBook Pro and I am super happy with it.

IMG 1008


I transferred everything easily using Migration Assistant and an ethernet cable. Woo! I am now setup properly for HLS this weekend!

IMG 1009

I am also currently testing out my first post on MarsEdit. I am finding that I can’t edit pictures as nicely as on Windows LiveWriter, which I downloaded on Joe’s computer and use frequently. Bummer.


Sometimes, you just want a sandwich for dinner. Especially when you bring one to work for lunch only to find that you are unable to eat it because you are at appointments WAY longer than expected.

IMG 1000

I made a sandwich out of Trader Joe’s chipotle lime marinated grilled chicken, Laughing Cow Light Swiss, a sprinkle of nutritional yeast and pepper. I used my new Flatout Foldit’s and paired it with Trader Joe’s jalapeno cilantro hummus and snap peas.

IMG 1003

I topped it off with a little hot sauce after taking a bite and deciding it needed something else.

IMG 1004

I am also following it up with some dessert as I blog. I’ll give you a hint, it includes a little bit of this and some whip!

IMG 1013

Hopefully this post translates well from MarsEdit. Here goes!

Goodnight! :)

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