Dippy Lunch & Lazy Saturday

by Jillian on July 30, 2011 · 1 comment

Today was a serious lazy Saturday and I loved every minute. Joe didn’t have to go into work, but he always likes to check in on Saturdays so he wasn’t planning on going until around 5:00. When I woke up, I really wasn’t feeling the gym. I convinced Joe that we should go tomorrow instead since we have somewhere to be at 1:00. When I have something I need to be ready for, it’s easier for me to get up and work out since I have to shower anyway. Today, I really didn’t have anything to do except laundry and grocery shop so laying in bed, showerless,sounded so much more appealing.


I have obviously been trying to use up all of the extra ingredients from my pasta. Today, I decided to use more red peppers and Laughing Cow to make a quesadilla. I added them into a La Tortilla Factory tortilla along with black pepper and nutritional yeast. I grilled it up it up and served it with a homemade side. I don’t really know what I was going for, but I combined roasted red pepper hummus, Nayonaise, and Frank’s red hot (love that stuff!). It turned out tasting almost like a chipotle mayonnaise.

dippylunch 001 

dippylunch 003 

I was obviously still hungry, so I cut up an apple and made another dippy creation. I love my condiments and toppings. I always need a side of something for dipping. I scooped out some apple spread and mixed it with cinnamon, PB2, and honey.

dippylunch 005

The only thing about being lazy all day is that it just makes you more lazy! All I want to do is lay around. I am going to go and try to accomplish some more errands before most likely cuddling up to a movie and who knows what for dinner!?

  • Any suggestions for a lazy dinner?

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1 Carrie July 31, 2011 at 4:33 pm

I love a dippy lunch! such variety.

I just bought hummus, crudites, turkey and swiss slices on my weekly grocery shopping…planning some Mediterranean dippy lunches this week.


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