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by Jillian on July 27, 2011 · 1 comment

Everyone has been talking about the shorter days and dark mornings, but this morning is the first time I truly noticed it. I left the house at 5:20, a little later than planned. Even one day last week when I was up closer 5:00, it was light out. But today, I got that feeling I get mid-winter, where the darkness just makes you cringe because you actually realize how early it is. I cannot believe it’s nearly August!


I knew I wanted to do upper body strength training today, but I had no idea what exactly I was going to do until I got to the gym. My go-to upper body workout, of course! When all else fails. I started with some hanging leg raises for my lower abs because I love them. I alternated with V-ups and did 4 sets.  Nothing like sore abs all day! I honestly can’t tell right now if it is cramps or my muscles just being seriously sore. I did a shortened version of my upper body workout, completing only 3 full sets and then biceps and triceps.

I wasn’t feeling any one cardio machine today so I jumped from the elliptical (15 min.) to the treadmill (10 min. incline walking) to the bike (5 min. cool down for my knee).


Aside from my usual protein shake, I tried this new Raw Revolution bar I scooped up at the grocery store. Chocolate and coconut alongside lots of nutrients sounded good to me!

I was excited by the 7g of protein, 6g of fiber, and yummy organic ingredients. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it pretty much tasted like a Larabar. Not that it wasn’t good! I mean, the ingredients are similar so I can see why.

It even looks similar!

Today, on my normal Starbucks stop before work, something happened that really stuck with me. I walked up to the line and the girl started to take my order, but then noticed that she had skipped the man in front of me. He politely told me to go ahead of him anyway and that he would wait. I ordered my tall bold in a grande cup and then he ordered his tall bold. We both waited for our drinks which came up at the same time. They called out a tall bold and he looked at me as if it was mine, but it was his. They gave me my tall in a grande and we ran into eachother again at the milk and sugar station, almost bumping arms because we were reaching for stuff. He apologized as he was dumping out some of his coffee because he was “overfilled”. I said, “that’s why I get it in a grande cup, no need to do that!”. He said he will follow the trail and do that next time. He was so nice, I felt like I should have bought his tall bold for him since he let me in front of him! It kind of made my day and put me in a good mood. It’s amazing how something so small can brighten one’s mood.

  • What’s something that happened to you recently that made your day/stuck with you?

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1 Rachel Canada July 27, 2011 at 12:49 pm

I’m going to start getting my usual ‘tall bold with room’ in a grande cup!


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