Beating Boredom

by Jillian on June 14, 2011 · 1 comment

I basically follow the same gym routine weekly, which consists of abs everyday, cardio Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and strength training Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday. I typically do upper body Wednesday and Saturday and then legs on Friday because I figure that after I do squats I’m usually not capable of running for a few days.

I guess I got on this habit from Joe because he follows this schedule. Tuesday is normally my long run day. For some reason I just stuck to it. This morning, I knew it just wasn’t going to happen.

Lately, I have been thinking about trying to fit in a second day of strength training for my legs, so this morning seemed like a good day to try this. I did get on the treadmill for a bit, completing a 40 minute interval workout. I then headed over to the assisted squat machine and did 10 sets of 15 (by then end I was only making about 10) reps with 50 lbs. Next was calves, since mine need some serious work. It felt good to do something different, which got me thinking about how to keep from getting bored at the gym

Although I don’t normally get into a workout rut, there are definitely days that I am just not in the mood to do what I had planned for that day. I outlined some of the tactics that have helped me in the past, or that I intend to do to mix things up.

Change It Up – Basically, do what I stated above. You should change your routine so your body doesn’t get used to doing the same thing every day or every week. I have a handful up upper body workouts, interval routines, leg workouts and ab exercises that I try to infuse together to make my workout different every day.

Invent - If you already have workouts that you do on a normal basis, try to come up with new ones by researching exercises for different body parts. A lot of bloggers post their workouts but I usually just take bits and peices, such as a new shoulder exercise, and incorporate it with my other shoulder exercises. As for cardio, I have realized how easy interval routine are to “invent”. Do what you feel you can handle. Run for 2 minutes at a pace that works for you and 1 minute at a pace that makes you work harder. Give youself a rest in between by incline walking. You can repeat it every 5 minutes and make a routine out of it.

Plan Ahead – Every night before bed I usually go through in my mind what I’ll do at the gym the next day. If I know I have to be at work early or if I have some extra time, I’ll use that to make my decisions. If you keep a “reserve” of exercises, you can pull from them and make an interesting workout out of it.

Take Classes - This is one thing that I have never really been into. I know the blog world loves Body Pump, and my gym does offer it, but I haven’t yet taken one. I have intentions to try it but the problem for me is timing. I only have a certain amount of time in the morning before work and it isn’t always offered at the times that work for me. Saturday classes can also get very crowded. However, if you have the option to take classes, try it. If anything, you can take exercises from the class to incorporate into your own routine. Spin class is also a cardio option that I have tried before and definitely left me sweaty and absolutely exhausted!

Music – I used to be way better at downloading new music, but lately I have been so busy that I haven’t bought a new song in I can’t rememeber how long! Pandora is a quick fix for that! I bring my iPhone to the gym when I know I am going to do cardio and I can change the station on Pandora everyday depending on what I am in the mood for. Lately, I’ve been listening to the Robyn station. This keeps me pumped up through my runs!

Multitasking – I don’t know about you, but I think a lot when I run. Sure, pre-run I feel like I am going to get so bored, but halfway through I find myself planning my breakfast or my outfit for that day. Use your cardio time to think about things you need to do and plan your day, but don’t forget to pay attention to your time and pace! :)

Clothing - Once in a while, buy yourself a new workout peice. I get excited over the smallest things, like using new running socks! I always find great deals at TJMaxx on tops, shorts, and socks. For running sneakers, I goto Jack Rabbit to make sure I get the right ones for my feet!

Changing it up worked for me this morning! Afterwards, I made a green smoothie by adding frozen strawberries, protein powder, almond milk, dark cocoa powder, and spinach. It was a sad, sad day for our blender.

One of the grip things fell off last week and then this morning I noticed another one sitting on the side. After I made my smoothie, another one fell off! Good thing I asked Joe for a Vitamix for my birthday (next week). Although I’m pretty sure he thinks I am sabotaging it.


My lunch looked like this today.

Recipe to come! Can you tell I’ve been on a bulgur wheat spree?

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