April 2011

Miso Sick

by Jillian on April 30, 2011 · 0 comments

Last night after work, I met my friend Kristina and we got mani-pedi’s at a new nail salon that had a Groupon special! This picture was obviously taken from the bed today. I started feeling sore all over my body last night while at work and during our salon session. I ended up going out […]


A Few of my Favorite Things: Skincare

by Jillian on April 29, 2011 · 0 comments

  1. The William Sonoma Lemongrass Ginger hand Soap and Lotion Set is new to my bathroom countertop this year. The smell is light yet vibrant. I first discovered it at a vendor showroom while working and I could not get enough of it. 2. This past Christmas, my boss got me a Kiehl’s set […]


Jillsberry Dough Boy

by Jillian on April 28, 2011 · 2 comments

Just a forewarning, I’m going recipe crazy in this post. I can’t hold it in any longer! Last night, Joe and I ate smoothies for dinner. I’m finding that I have become more and more creative with them since I have been forced (hardly) to make smoothies for dinner because they are quick and easy […]


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

by Jillian on April 27, 2011 · 0 comments

Thank goodness I was feeling much better this morning. My nose was stuffy but my head wasn’t a balloon anymore. I was able to get up and complete my favorite upper body workout, that I will post for you guys soon. I also did 25 minutes on the ellytipcal. I made myself what I call […]


Sick Day

by Jillian on April 26, 2011 · 0 comments

When my alarm went off at 4:45 this morning, I knew that even after a few snoozes there was no way I was getting my butt out of bed because I felt like..well, butt. My head was a balloon and I couldn’t breath out of my nose, at all. I slept until 7 to see […]


Sick as a Bunny

by Jillian on April 25, 2011 · 0 comments

It is inevitable. I was sick with the flu last year for Easter and missed 3 days of work. This year, I started getting a terrible sore throat Saturday night and I am still suffering today! Although I made it to work, I may be leaving early because my head feels like a balloon and […]